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    FOOTPRINTS ELECTRONICS is mainly engaged in wholesale of mobile phone parts and accessories to the Mobile phone Repair Industry. Our main office is in Guangzhou City, One of the most famous international trade port cities in the world.
    We provide LCD and touch screen refurbishing services, primarily we do the cosmetic repair work, some limited level 2&3 repair work, it brings tremendous customer value, helps our customers dramatically reduce cost of repair, and increases the output.
    And we are good at aftermarket parts, we design and manufacture many mobile phone components. The quality is same as the original, but the prices are much lower than the OEM. The categories include lenses, keypads, antennas,   chargers, batteries, etc.
    We also sell new OEM components, primary focus is on capital intensive categories, including housings, keypads, flexes, touch screens and LCDs.
     Our goal is to deliver a predictable and consistent  supply to our customers.